Supporting the local vision

By: Louise Major, 18 October 2017

The local business community is incredibly important to us at Igloo, not just in terms of clients, but for business partners, staff, support, networking and much more. We are lucky
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Belles & Whistles

Huge congratulations to the Igloo sponsored Wing Raiders Belles U12’s Girls football team who recently secured the league title in their inaugural year.


I’ve always been a fan of street signs, and wherever I go I take snapshots of what’s around me. It interests me how different towns and cities put their own
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The value of using good imagery

With our recent website for Willey and Bunker Projects going live, we have been looking at the difference between ’snaps’, stock photography and professional photography, and how the latter can really elevate a project.

The real value of the UK creative industry

It’s been just over a year since, as a nation, we voted ‘Out’ in the big Brexit vote. Here at Igloo we can’t help but wonder what the ramifications will be for us, and the design industry as a whole, as well as for our clients, some of which have already been affected.

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